My Experience in Barcellona P.G., Sicily

Hello, my name is Sergio Ortiz from Granada (Spain). I am an ICT student (Information and Communications Technology). After completed my studies, I just finished an internship at EprojectConsult in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Sicily.

I’ve neither travelled outside my country neither live alone. Coming here Italy was uncertainty for me, but the motivation to travel, to know new places, customs and traditions and languages have been the kick that pushed me to live this great experience.

On June 28th, I arrived in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. Andrés, my internship tutor picked me up from the station to my apartment, let’s the adventure gets started.
a new adventure.” The first days were easier than I thought, my colleagues are very friendly and make you
feel like at home; Sicilians are sociable people, generous and educated, if you don’t know Italian, they
will do the best to you understand them.

Three days after being here I met Alejandro, the best roommate that you can have:
He is always laughing; with him you can´t be sad. Some days later Gizem another intern who is from Turkey. Alejandro, Gizem and I had good time, laughs and adventures all summer. Gizem helped us practicing and improving our English.

I love cycling, being here hasn’t been a problem. Loris a staff of EProjectConsult and my ICT mentor gave me a mountain bike in order to enjoy my stay here.
Thank you to Errol and Andrés for showing me the wonderful to the mountains and small villages
surrounding Barcellona P.G. with bike we also took the opportunity to go to the beach. Cycling has been a good balance for me, knowing the excellent fresh and natural foods and pastry of this island I really needed to stay fit.
In Spain, I will miss granita and brioche, cornetto pistacchio, cannolo, ice creams, magic pizzas, and pasta with special sensations.

Regarding my learning, my work in the office has been a web designer, update the project web reports and resolve the technical issues of the office. I’ve worked in satisfactory and good condition. Another important point has been the great improvement of my English level, also I learn some words in Italian. Sometimes it was even a little crazy and fun to have in the same conversation mixing English, Italian and Spanish.

In the other hand, I had time to travel with my colleagues, we planned some trips every weekend. I could say that I visited Sicily the most important places to see on the Island (Syracuse, Palermo, Cefalù, Taormina, Catania, Aeolian Islands, Agrigento, Tindari, Milazzo).
And no less important are the mountain villages around Barcellona PG like Castroreale or Novara di Sicilia.
If I have to choose the best one, I will definitely take Vulcano (Aeolian Islands) and Etna. Since child, I loved volcanoes and having the opportunity to finally fulfil my dream by climbing to them. I also loved ‘Valle dei Tempi’ in Agrigento, one of the well-preserved Greek temples in the world.

In conclusion, if I would define this trip and experience with a single word it would be: MAGIC.
Acquiring a work experience in my field, living alone, practicing and learning languages, meet new places, and having good friendships who helped me to see the life in a different perspective. I am leaving this place with an opened mind, ready to take on every challenge and discover new things. All of this is necessary for a great life.

I would also thank most sincerely all the entire EProjectConsult team for making this possible. Grazie Mille 😀

"The only way to succeed is to implement a different mode of production"

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