Multi-stakeholder hearing “The VOICE Action”

Multi-Stakeholder hearing "The VOICE"

Multi stakeholder hearing THE VOICE

At our scale, we have implemented a multi-stakeholder meeting as part of the Erasmus+ KA3 cross-sectoral cooperation project: The voice action.

This meeting took place on the 16th of February in the Jalari Park Museum. The venue welcomed five guests coming from different fields of work that are in any way related to the penitentiary system.

A psychiatrist and the former “V.Madia” director, Nunziante Rosania, Rosanna Casabona, a deputy public prosecutor DDA, Romina Taiani, the director of ‘Vittorio Madia’ prison, Giuseppina Fazio a legal/pedagogical officer, and finally Rosa Ellena Alizzi, a lawyer. 

Each of them has presented their occupation and role related to the prison field. During the event, the young people had the opportunity to ask, the professional concerned, their questions. 

Together we discussed subjects such as youth, prisons, juvenile justice, and social and labor reintegration. Indeed, it was an open discussion, between the young people and these experienced professionals, fueled by questions as interesting as each other. 

Here is an example of a question that has been tackled during the meeting: Could common European legislation help to break down certain barriers and facilitate the social reintegration of ex-prisoners? 

This type of questioning allowed the stakeholders to find out more about young people’s interrogations about the European system. It also allowed these young people to get information from people with experience in their field, which was very rewarding.  

At the end of this discussion, the audience was able to express themselves on an interactive platform. We gathered more than positive impressions. Touching, human, inspiring, educational, engaging, and intense were their thoughts right after the conference. 

Through the participation of our professionals and students along with their teachers, we have succeeded in raising awareness of the youngsters. Moreover, they are now, more than ever, conscious of problems that prisoners or people with fewer opportunities face with European policies. Letting young people’s voices be heard by creating a positive and real impact is one of our multiple aims with “The Voice Action” project. 

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