More in You

“More in You” was a successful project which took place in Falcone, Sicily in October, 2012 from 21 to 28. The objective of the project was to examine the youth unemployment at national and European level. Furthermore, the project aimed to give the tools to the participants in order to help them to solve their future position on the labor market they are going to solve by themselves pretty soon, as almost all of them are still the students. In other words, 36 young people from seven countries met to exchange, share, learn and they really enjoyed it very much.

The first workshop was led by the Turkish group who was talking about the unemployment and prepared an interactive workshop about the possibilities to reduce unemployment.  In the end of the workshop, the rich discussion on this topic showed the real interest of the participants in this topic which showed a permissive mood for the future workshops and activities.

The second participating group of young people was from the Czech Republic. They prepared an excellent presentation about the youth entrepreneurship with the statistics of the countries. The following workshop was to form the groups that had to start running their own company which would bring them the profit. More in you EprojectConsult and erasmus+ program
After the workshop, everyone was in a rush to see Tindari and Marinello. This excursion was very nice and we had a lot of fun by discovering the ancient city as well as while chilling on the beach and swimming in the sea.
We organized the first cultural night where we experienced different cultures by tasting for example Czech slivovica, Swedish Christmas coca, or Turkish baklava. We danced and singed all together. It was simply the perfect night.

The third amazing activity was held by the Bulgarians and was about unemployment and Forum Theater. The people had to perform the issueswhich are linked to the unemployment in the theater, so they could think more about the difficulties different people are dealing with. These plays encouraged people to discuss even more, which resulted in a very positive way.
The following presentation and workshop was made by the young people from Lithuania. The activity was aimed to explain to the participants the importance of the SWOP analysis. Moreover, the randomly chosen people had to put it into practice by “SWOP” analyzing of the companies which they have chosen.

Thursday morning was about how to spicy up our CVs, which was the workshop held by the Croatians. We got to know about the importance of the CV which are sent to the companies as well as about the cores which cannot be omitted while writing any CV.
After the fruity workshop we headed to the bus to visit Milazzo. We visited the naturally made swimming pool, the castle and a bit of the city center. To conclude, it was a very nice trip. The positive atmosphere continued at the second cultural night, where we tasted Bulgarian rakija, Italian cannoli, Lithuanian 999, saw an example of Bulgarian wedding, or talked in very shortened way of Croatian. This night was amazing and another example of the perfect night.

We could get to know all the available online tools, which are going to be more than helpful while looking for a working place. Thanks to Swedish team we learnt a lot about the internet networking in order to rise up our chances to get a good job.
After that the speaking was overtaken by Italy which advised us how to behave during the job interview and we could try it on the simulating job interviews in the untraditional way as the people were given some specific kinds of characters, roles, disabilities and so on. This activity enabled us to experience the job interview situation and to present our skills in the best way.
Saturday was about the evaluation and summing up all the knowledge we acquired during the week.


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