Monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of Erasmus+ projects

Today let’s talk about two important parts of the life cycle of any Erasmus+ projects. In fact, effective monitoring and evaluation help you ensure you get the most out of your Erasmus+ project. By keeping a close eye on how the project is progressing, you will also be able to adapt your objectives and activities to new or changing needs.

Some tips:

  • When designing an approach to project monitoring, consider what the eventual reporting requirements will be. Study the relevant final report and make sure these questions are addressed.
  • Include as many perspectives as possible and appropriate. For example a training course should be evaluated by participants as well as trainer/s.
  • You should evaluate the partnership itself, as well as the project work undertaken.


EProjectConsult also offers its knowledge in evaluating European Projects. Our method guides the evaluation process of our clients’ projects, improves its quality and, ultimately, provides with the necessary tools for a successful evaluation strategy in the future. If you want you can read more about the evaluation method we use.


Another important element within the life cycle of European projects is the disseminationBut why is it so important to promote and disseminate your projects?

The main goal of dissemination is to raise awareness about your project aims, activities and results through various online and offline channels, materials and conferences. Dissemination can also help you raise the profile of the organisation, create new opportunities to extend the project and develop partnerships for the future. You are also asked to detail dissemination activities as part of reporting requirements. So it is a good thing to bear it in mind at the start, during and after your project.

EProjectConsult offers online and offline dissemination services for European projects starting from the idea of the project until the end results. We develop strategies according to the client aims and the target groups, creates different types of dissemination tools (brochures, posters, videos, etc.) and uses social media as other online tools in order to spread your project as far as possible.

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