Meeting 2 Smile Erasmus KA2

(26th Jun 2017, Sicily Italy)

Smile Microbrewers learning networkContinuing the project SMILE – Sustainable Microbrewers Learning Across Europe, we – EProjectConsult was proud to host different partners from Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Spain for this transnational project meeting in Sicily, Italy.

Date & Time: 9:15am-17:30pm, Monday (26th June 2017)
Location: EProjectConsult Office, Via TCP Arcodaci 48, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto

The meeting was started with the introduction of Mr. Michael Ward from (MEAG) Ireland and the overview about the project schedules, project process activities and reminding the purpose of this project. Besides that, he also reminded all partners about the Multiplier event implementation and the deadlines of these ones.

Here are the main activities during the meeting:

  • Summarize the actions due from the kick-off meeting & go through the project schedules and project process activities,
  • Summarize national report of each partner country, including the overview of brewing courses & the project. In this section, each partner also reported the activities and practical actions when working with brewing companies in their country.industry, current challenges, the engagement of brewers of each country to training
  • Detailed discussion about the training course with blended training programs and accredited “apprenticeship-type” training program, its Curriculum and how it is consistent to EU qualifications framework, how it works across the countries in EU with each level of the certification.
  • Set next project activity schedules and future steps for next meeting.

During the meeting, the participants had a chance to enjoy the Sicilian cuisine with different types of foods that drove them really enjoyable after the focused morning meeting.

After the meeting, all participants had a great time to visit the Park Museum Jalari. Park Museum Jalari is a land of artistic sculptures and wonders that includes a symbolic foundation which frees the reality to transfigure into a long dream. The Park Museum “Jalari” is situated on the Peloritan mountains a few kilometres from Barcellona P.G. extended over 35 hectares. It is difficult to synthesize in a few words what were the values, the culture and the spirit that animated the authors of the park in these long, intensive and happy years of activity. Hence, we hope that during the visit. all participants had a leisure time with unique and harmonious styles of Salvotore Pietrini’s architectures. 

We are pleased that the 2nd meeting was well-organized and went smoothly with active participations and effective discussions from all of the participants. All partners showed their high commitment and strong engagement to the project implementation although there still have some remaining.

Let’s wait for more deliverables in the 3rd meeting and hope all participants had a great time in Sicily, Italy.

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