Life in Barcellona as an Erasmus+ Intern

Following up from last week’s post about life in Catania, we’re speaking to our interns nearly 100 km North of the city to find out more about what life is like in Barcellona PG.

Similarly to the Capacity London and Capacity Ireland interns in Catania, the Barcellona PG group have also noted the drastic difference between their schedules at home and in Sicily. They particularly enjoy eating later in the evening and having a break in the middle of the day: Ceramic Studio Assistant, Joan, told us that it took some time to adjust to the siesta but now she couldn’t live without it! Bar

Clodagh, who is working as a Digital Marketing Assistant at Desio Bridal, has  found that learning the Italian language is a new challenge, but she is enthusiastic and hopes to be more fluent by the end of her internship.


“The community here is really encouraging when you make an attempt at conversation and it motivates you to keep trying”


All of our Barcellona-based interns have raved about the countless pizzas that they have eaten, and have learnt that true Italians only order this classic in the evening. Diavola, Fungi Freschi and Norma have been very popular topping choices, but you can’t beat the simple alchemy of a pizza Margherita. 


 “We found a lovely takeaway pizza spot in Barcellona called L’Artizzeria Di Murgo Dora. It’s adorned with awards, cups and trophies from competitions, as well as pictures of the pizzaiolo with various sculptures made out of cheesy, doughy goodness. Pizza is serious business in this country!”Pasta

Matt, who works as an Architectural Assistant, also hopes to try more arancini

 – stuffed, breaded and deep fried balls of delicious rice that are traditional to Sicily. 


Unsurprisingly, Sicilian wine stands out as one of the preferred drinks amongst our interns. Whether it is vino rosso or vino bianco, it is the perfect accompaniment to any evening meal.


Barcellona PG is situated near the North-East coast of Sicily, and is just a 30 minute cycle to the larger city of Milazzo. From there, our interns have particularly enjoyed taking the ferry to the Aeolian Islands.

Eolian Islands 

Rachel, a Digital Marketing Assistant at the beautiful Museo Parco Jalari, recommends that any visitors should travel to Vulcano and Lipari, two volcanic islands with beautiful black beaches and charming cobbled streets. 

“I love exploring new places each weekend, there are so many places that I have yet to see but the excursion to the Aeolian Islands would be one of the best so far.”


Milazzo also sports a stunning rocky pool, the Laghetto di Venere, the supposed birthplace of the goddess Venus. Michaela, who is working as an Assistant Project Coordinator at EProject, says that swimming in the charming rock pool while looking out at the Aeolian islands was a sublime experience. For Matt, who has been most excited to see the island’s architecture and nature, the most impressive sight so far was the view from the majestic volcano of Etna. From the top of the volcano, almost 3500 metres above sea level, you can see the city of Catania, neighbouring towns and can see the sea stretch to the horizon. 

islandsSome highlights of living in Barcellona include the sunshine, getting to know their fellow Erasmus+ participants and locals, the fact that it is perfectly located for visiting the rest of the island on the weekend,and the food and drink, of course!

 Michaela especially loves the emphasis put on enjoying food and leisure time in day-to-day life here. Our interns hope to soak in as much of the experience as they can before heading back home in December!

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