Leonardo da Vinci – the new perspective and experience for youth from Poland

Leonardo Da Vinci

cooking sector

The team of EProjectConsult and A Rocca NGO in cooperation with ŁódzkaWojewódzkaKomendaOchotniczychHufcówPracy took the role of intermediary partner for the group of Polish students in the frame of Human Capital Operational Programme. The group of participants, who were working in the field of cooking stayed in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto for the period of three (3) weeks, from the 5th to 25th of May 2013. During the project named  “The Professional Practice in Spain and Italy – new perspectives and chances for youth from Lodz and Province” our participants were working in three different restaurants, improving their skills in the field of cooking. They had a great opportunity to practice, develop new abilities and acquire new experience from highly qualified Italian cookers.

Cultural Programme

The team of EProjectConsultand A Rocca NGO made every endeavor to make this experience useful and unforgettable: when it comes to work but also to cultural exchange. While living in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, they  had a chance to get to know local habits, traditions and be acquainted with Sicilian people. Moreover, the students had an opportunity to visit the other cities and towns in Sicily thus exploring the Sicilian wonders. They visited the most interesting and beautiful places in Sicily as Tindari, Messina, Milazzo, Palermo.  They had a chance to admire the variety of this island, which can boast the unique beauty of the landscape, a number of ancient monuments, among which are also well-preserved Greek temples and original buildings from the Norman period. Additionally, they had a chance to take part in our activity in occasion of Day of Europe. On the 9th of May we fully involved Sicilian people, interns and project participants in a very funny, non-formal, interactive activities and flash mob, which were finalized by creation of a movie and photo gallery. Our watchword was “We build Europe”.


Accommodation of the participants and full board service

Participants of the project were accommodated in different flats in Barcellona P.G. town. The flats for participants were fully equipped (including kitchenware, washing machine, bed covers etc.) and well located in the city center. The participants were living in two apartments located close to the city center: five (5) participants including the Leader of the group (in total 6 persons) in Via Trieste 46, and the other five (5) persons in Piazza Alfano (Trento). Additionally, our organization arranged for the group their full board service. They had their lunch at “Marius ilRistorante” and dinner at “Masterchef”. Furthermore, all the groups was receiving packed lunch for the days of excursions.

General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

The evaluation of the project is excellent. The team of A Rocca NGO hardly believe that it was an enriched and useful experience for all of the participants. Our team did its best to meet all participants needs and expectations. Assistance of A Rocca NGO employees consisted of satisfying the expectations of each participants, explaining any doubts and resolving problems. All participants were introduced individually to their employers.  Additionally, with the aim of satisfying all participants needs, we made two days of an evaluation – one during the first week of their practice and the second one at the final days. We hope they found inspiration and got new ideas about how to deal with their future career in their country. We are satisfied because due to the participation in the programme, the participants could enrich their professional experience. Thank you all for your involvement and great attitude towards this new experience.

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