Leonardo Vetpro Slovakia Italy May 2011

economics, accounting, administration and Business English

LDV-VETPRO  PROJECT – „Improving quality of vocational education“

The incentive for this project was the need to inovate the general study programme and improve the quality of vocational education at the Business Academy in Nitra. One of the other purposes was to open the labour market for graduees from this school, and increase the number students that want to study at the Business Academy of Nitra, Slovakia. The project was focused on 4  teachers of specialistic subjects /economics, accounting, administration and Business English/ who participated in study visits in 2 different countries. They visited secondary vocational schools , attended some classes, compared teaching methods, gained experience in the field of making a school curriculum and its contents. The teachers were very interested in the labour market research and inthe information about making new study programmes and courses.

Cultural Programme

In the free time they had chance to visit some beautiful places in Sicily, and know Italian cuisine thanks to the local restaurants.

Leonardo Vetpro

The participants were:

  1. Stevenson College in Edinburgh, Scotland
  2. A Rocca in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in Italy, Sicily

The project resulted into changes in the school curriculum  and the start of new subjects /English for Tourism, English for Project Management/ but also the implementation the CLIL method into special classes for obligatory subjects in the schoolyear 2012/2013. Students will also set up „fictive firms“ and cooperate with partners from foreign countries. We will develop the international partnership and organize a videoconference for teachers and students as a communicational tool. The teachers will share their experiences and teaching materials with us. We have started to work on a common project based on the cooperation of fictive firms in the participating school. Beside the benefit for the school there is also a personal benefit for the participants, who improved their foreign language skills, increased their self esteem, made new friends, learned a lot about foreign education systems and culture. All individual participants acquired Europass-mobility documents.

Mrs. Renata Kelemenova and Mrs.Silvia Miklisova participated in the activities within this  programme in the period of  09 May, 2011 – 20 May, 2011.

They both performed a study visit in Milazzo and Barcellona di Gotto, Sicily, where they cooperated actively with the schools abd  hosting organisation and they were keen on making  the project successful.

On their first day they visited the hosting organisation and presented their country, city and the sending school. During the first week the participants attended lessons at the Istituto E. Majorana in Milazzo where they did some job-shadowing, discussed with Italian teachers and gathered facts and information about the system of education in Italy. The participants also started making a school curriculum and some study programmes. They were interested in methodology of the English language and special subjects such as economy, accounting, law, administration and Business English. The participants also searched for some ways of future cooperation with that particular Italian school. In the afternoon and in the evening all particpants explored the area of Milazzo, Barcellona di Gotto and the island of Sicily. They met some foreign students participating in other European projects and shared their cultural experiences.

During the second week of this visit the all students attended some lessons at the Istituto Tecnico Statale Commerciale Geoometri e Turistico in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, where they met the school management and discussed about how new courses are made. They also talked to some English teachers and discussed examples of good and bad practice. The participants presented a Powerpoint presentation about Slovakia, Nitra  and the Business Academy in Nitra and had a enthusiastic discussion with the students of the school.

The last days of the visit were focused on future cooperation and completion of the documentation . The project leaves a wide space for next cooperation with both visited schools and the hosting institution. The sending institution is planning to propose a new Leonardo da Vinci project for their students and a Comenius or Leonardo da Vinci Partnership if also possible.

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