Leonardo in the field of gardening

gardening sector

The group of participants had an opportunity to get an experience and improve their skills in the field of gardening. Our participants were divided into two groups which were working in two different working places.  The placements were located near city Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

Cultural Programme

During their free time our participants had the opportunity to explore beauty of Sicily by visiting such places as Taormina, Jalari Park Museum, Messina, Milazzo and Tindari. 


General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

Jalari Park Museum 

Park Museum of ”Jalariis a land of artistic sculptures and wonders that includes a symbolic foundation which frees the reality to transfigure into a long dream. The Park Museum “Jalari” is situated on the Peloritan mountains a few kilometers from Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME)extended over 35 hectares (350,000 msq). “Jalari” originates from a dream and grows with perseverance and constancy due to 30 years of work from 2 local families. It is difficult to synthesize in a few words what were the values,the culture and the spirit that animated the authors of the Park in these long,intensive and happy years of activity. Therefore, we let the good mood of everyone to discover the mysteries that surround the park museum of”Jalari”. During the visit participants had the opportunity to experience a part of Sicilian culture within a folk music concert of a local band called “Sarva la Pezza” and we concluded the day by testing Sicilian “pane e panelle”.


Messina is known as the door of Sicily. With its port, shaped like a sickle, it has always been a trading city. Situated close to the Peninsular, there has been busy thorough fare between Messina and the Mainland, over the centuries. Messina has several churches, monuments and fountains that date back centuries that are worthy of exploration. The myriad of churches, monuments and buildings adorned with fine art is staggering. The Duomo’s Square (Piazza del Duomo) is well worth your attention,as it sites on the main square in Messina and offers an awesome visit to its interior, a real visit to be remembered.


The village of Tindari, on Sicily’s northeast coast, has two sites — and sights — that make a visit to this otherwise average Sicilian village worth the trip. One, the Santuario di Tindari, is a place of pilgrimage; the other, Tyndaris, is the ruins of a Greek-Roman settlement. Fascinating is the Archaeological Park, with the ruins of the ancient Roman settlement of Greek Tindarys and the beautiful Greek theater overlooking the sea.


Milazzo is a substantial town on the coast of north-east Sicily, west of Messina, and best known (and most visited) for its beach and historic village. The town itself is interesting -the centuries have left their mark very clearly on the layout of Milazzo, with the walled city at the top of Milazzo, the “Old Town” of medieval origin at the foot of the hill, and the more modern city at the bottom and along the harbor area. The Old Town includes the fortified citadel and medieval quarters of Milazzo, and contains numerous religious buildings. The lower town is the most recent part of Milazzo, and was built in the 18th century. The center of lower Milazzo revolves around the Piazza Caio Duilio, which is flanked to the west by the Palazzo Marchese Proto and to the east of the“Chiesa del Carmine”, with a lintel carved with garlands and a niche with a statue of Our Lady of Consolation”.


As soon as we arrived in Taormina, we felt the magical, mythical atmosphere spread all around which has enchanted visitors from all over the world for years and years. Settled on a hill of the Monte Tauro, Taormina dominates two grand, sweeping bays below and on the southern side, the top of Mount Etna, the European highest active volcano, often capped with snow, offering to the visitors a breathtaking,dramatic and memorable view over… Taormina is a medieval village perched along side the steep terrain jutting out of the ocean. While it has kept its Medieval character, it is now a shopper’s paradise. Near the top of Taormina Village is a wonderfully preserved Roman Theater. This pretty much sums up Taormina’s charm. There is something for everyone. Great shopping, wonderful restaurants, Roman Ruins, Medieval pedestrian streets and even stairs to a great beach.

Evaluation of the project 

The evaluation of the project is excellent. Employees of the “A Rocca” Association and persons involved in this project hope it was an enriched and useful experience for all the participants. The monitoring team did its best in order to satisfy the  expectations of each participants and to ensure the communication with the sending organization a teach stage of the project. In order to reach this, there were two days of evaluation – one after the first week and the other at the final days.

Participants had chance to see the way of working in Sicily. Certainly they had an opportunity to get to know a lot of useful information about the functioning of Sicilian enterprises related to hairdressing, Italian cuisine and gardening.They also could compare all the similarities and differences of these enterprises of Sicilian and Polish. Participants gained professionally experience in their sector, so that they will be able in the future to deal with the hairdressing, cooking and gardening as professionals. 


The participants seemed to be satisfied with this project. According to their opinion, it was an interesting and useful experience. We hope they found inspiration and got new ideas about how to deal with their future career in their country. We are satisfied because due to the participation in the programme, the participants could enrich their professional experience.

We hope we can continue our cooperation with ŁÓDZKA WOJEWÓDZKA KOMENDA OCHOTNICZYCH HUFCÓW PRACY.

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