Leonardo Mobility Feedback

Our foreign field experience and praxis were successful in all respects, we are sure.

In the companies the boys had very interesting job figuring out various logos, preparing the posters on festivals, banners and signboards for two local pizza parlours, web sites for new hotel, motives for furniture design with typical Czech themes and last but not least graphic designs for shirt printings which finally all of us obtained as remembrance of Sicily great stay.

The attitude of all involved people was excellent both the staff in companies and especially Nino and Federica from the mediating company A Rocca who were taking care of us faithfully and all the time.

Besides the professional praxis we experienced the world, beautiful world of volcanoes, sea sceneries and we met so friendly atmosphere of Sicily during not only traditional festival but during the whole stay in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

We are really looking forward to second part of the praxis in 2013.

Jana Reslova

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