Leonardo IVT Turkey

“New Hopes for Our Children”

Name of the organization: Kırklareli Teknik Lise ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi

Responsible person: Hasan Burçin MENTEŞ

Number of Participants: 18 participant (16 students + 3 teachers)

Duration:  4 weeks,   May 2011


This project was a Leonardo IVT project. As planned the project’s beneficiaries were chosen from ICT department students of Kırklareli Vocational and Training High School and Kocaeli Vocational and Training High School. Especially parentless students or students living under deprived social conditions had a priority for this selection. With this project, we created new chances for career planning for the students who are affected by negative living conditions.

Students from Kocaeli and Kırklareli were informed and trained in their branch and they prepared a project with Italian partner students. But also technical visits, workshops, projects, development of application codes and cultural visits were realized with the participation of both the visitors and host students.

At this project, disadvantaged students improved their vocational skills, foreign language skills and got the experience of living abroad. All those experiences affected their self esteem positively.  After the placement activities, the students prepared a program to transmit their experiences and indicated that they gained new knowledge.

Cultural Programme

In the free time they had chance to visit some beautiful places in Sicily, and know Italian cuisine thanks to the local restaurants.

IVT Program

General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

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