Kick off meeting – First Partners meeting

We’re having an intensive week in Bulgaria due to the project “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth” in the frame of the Erasmus Plus Programme Key Action 2 in collaboration with the Organization for Scientific and Practical Development of the Students (ONPRS) – Bulgaria and the A Rocca Association – Italy.

It’s very important for us to take part in a project which aim is to stimulate the entrepreneurship spirit for a higher employment and to start of business initiatives.


The project will last until the first half of 2016.

We’re working hard in the development of the project activities:

  1. Building a project management team.
  2. Implementing analysis “Study of entrepreneurship and factors for development of youth SMEs.
  3. Compilation and publication of a practical guide in the field of entrepreneurship.
  4. Organization and implementation of 3 transnational partners project meetings.
  5. Blended mobility “Doing business with Bulgaria.
  6. Creation of an electronic platform – eTwinning entrepreneurial platform.
  7. Organizing two exhibitions of young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and Italy – Speed Networking Events.
  8. Organization of two conferences for the dissemination of intellectual products in Bulgaria and Italy – EIY Conference.
  9. Dissemination of results.

We will provide updated information of the project. Stay tunned!

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