Dissemination of European Projects

We offer online and offline dissemination services for European projects. To make the projects visible, our professional team develops strategies according to the client aims and the target groups, creates different types of dissemination tools (brochures, posters, videos, etc.) and uses social media as other online tools in order to spread your project as far as possible.

EProjectConsult knows the importance of dissemination within the life cycle of European projects. We have developed a modular process of dissemination starting from the very beginning of the project till the end results.

The main goal of dissemination is to raise awareness about your project aims, activities and results through various online and offline channels, materials and conferences.



Levering the power of social networks and other online tools, we bring your EU-project on the spotlight.SOCIAL INTEGRATION Integration of social properties like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and others.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation services to boost your project visibility on the web.

TRAFFIC ANALYTICS Track website traffic via Google Analytics©, receive regular PDF reports and more.

EVENTS PROMOTION Promote your project workshops and conference on our on line Nedia.


Social Media Strategy for Communication and Dissemination


Professional staff, price-competitive printed products and services to support your EU-project dissemination.FLYER, BROCHURE Professionals flyers, brochures and any others custom printing.

POSTER, EVENT STAND Communication materials to highlight your project at events, conferences and workshops.

WORD, PPT TEMPLATE Project template to facilitate the work of partners and improve consistency and impact.

COPY-WRITING Press release, website content, presentations, newslettersand other content writing services.


We develop and combine the dissemination strategy according to your aims, target group and wishes. Approach to each project is tailored and carried out in order to completely meet your needs.

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