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Understanding the significance of dissemination within the Erasmus+ KA2 projects, EProjectConsult has developed a modular process of dissemination for the whole project process, starting from the very beginning till the end stage of projects

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In EProjectConsult’s vision, the dissemination strategy is the intentionally-developed approach to dissemination of a particular project. Effective dissemination doesn’t occur solely at the conclusion of a project. In order to develop effective dissemination strategy, we find it necessary to establish development plan. It must be clear which activities are to be carried out before, during and after a project.


Considering dissemination plan of KA2 projects we are conducting different activities at different stages of the project cycle:

Before the project the focus is on establish dissemination and exploitation plan, determination of the desired impacts and outcomes of the dissemination.

During the project we conduct activities such as contacting relevant local and regional media, providing regular informational activities and demonstrations.

After the project it is of great importance to upload the final project results trasparently and to continue further dissemination by developing ideas among the partners for future cooperation

EProjectConsult online tools


Blog, Infographics, Website, Web

platform, Social Media, online

newspapers, newsletters.

In our dissemination strategies are used Online Tools such as blog, infographics, online newspapers, newsletter.

With intent of bringing the KA2 project into the spotlight, we give particular focus on Social media.

Considering additional online tools, we use SEO: Search Engine Optimization services to boost your project visibility and ease to find on the web, and Traffic Analysis: track website traffic via Google Analytics.

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Publication in local and

nation-wide newspapers, Posters,

Brochure, Flyers, Totem

Offline means of dissemination are often forgotten, but they

are still very useful and desirable in providing clear and

transparent dissemination.


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One of the first steps of quality dissemination is picking a Logo. Logo forms the project’s visual identity. A project’s visual identity should reflects its values-in recognizable tone and style and also should indicates the intent of project. Logo can, if chosen well, inspire and unify action. Logo is an important part of every project. The examples of well-picked logos it can be found on our website:

Ongoing Projects

Logo design process

EProjectConsult logo design process

In our dissemination work we give special attention to this seemingly tiny detail, but very important – the use of hashtag. The hashtag is the most popular means of categorizing content on social media. The hashtag also allows you to connect with other users based on a common theme or interest. Knowing how to use hashtags is foundamental to the success of dissemination on social media.


Knowing how to use hashtags is

fundamental to the success of

dissemination on social media.

EProjectConsult dissemination

Photo & Video

In our dissemination strategy, whitin every project we are taking photos and videos in high resolution at every meeting and event we organise, also we build our own media gallery with images and videos that illustrate our work. All this images and videos are later included to liven up our website, brochure and final report. 

Videos are very useful medium for dissemination of KA2 project results. Video is an excellent way to disseminate as it brings information quickly, clearly and in an entertaining way. Compared to traditional print media, a video can be easily updated and re-edited to target a different audience. With our partners, Productionsway we have great experience invideo and film-making


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