Interview with our partners

A small interview to the teachers who are taking care of their students during their Erasmus+ internship in Barcellona P.G.


Agnes from Hungary teaches mechanical engineering and IT. Miriam from Slovakia teaches Slovak language.

We met them for the first time on the occasion of the last contact seminar we organised in Sicily. It was December 2015. Now they are in Sicily with their students.

So… Let’s talk about the contact seminar you attended last year: Was it useful for you?

Agnes: It was very helpful for me, I have never been in Sicily before and I have never heard about your organization. I got the newsletter from you, so thanks to it I find out about this opportunity. It was really wonderful for me to come here and meet you. Added value for me was that I know how to write a project, so it’s a good connection for future cooperation.

Miriam: It was very good for me, I had experience before, but I didn’t know any Italian organization. My goal was to give the chance to my students to learn more about new culture and to get new experiences abroad. Participating in the contact seminar allowed me to check where my students would had their internship, where they would lived and to see how the organization works.

Do you have any suggestions for the next contact seminars?

Miriam: I was very satisfied with the preparation of the meeting, also the accommodation.

Agnes: It was a great opportunity to talk about new ideas and future cooperation. That time, as there were some changes in the structure of the application, “A Rocca” team gave us some advices, hints on how to write it.

What do you think about Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto? Is it a good place for the students to do an internship?

Agnes: Yes, I guess for my students it’s a good place, they are enjoying their time here, but what it’s important, they feel part of the company and they work as other workers in the office.

Miriam: The size of the city is important, as Barcellona is not that huge I’m able to control all the students, where they are, what they do and be sure that they are safe. The important thing is that the students can see the differences between working in Slovakian and Italian companies. Also, here, after work they can go to the beach! 🙂

What are your plans for the future?

Agnes: Of course keeping the cooperation with you, applying for new projects and also send teachers for training courses!

Miriam: Totally agree.

Thank you very much!

We are organizing the Contact Seminars 2016 in different Countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Island and Italy, Sicily. The aims of the meetings is to present our NGOs’ services, to meet new partners and build a long-term partnership based on a real experience and also to provide a training about the project management in the frame of the Erasmus+ KA1 Program.


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