International Preparatory Meeting reaches mid-point

After two highly successful days in two lovely cities, the Bulgarian phase of the Preparatory Meeting organized by EProjectConsult in collaboration with the Association of the Danube River Municipalities “Danube” (ADRM) and the Know and Can Association, comes to an end and gives way to Sicily.


There, participants will have two more days to familiarise with the latest Erasmus+ developments, listen to insightful presentations about the application process and build successful long-term relationships.


As the deadline for the applications for mobility grants is closing in, this is a unique opportunity for the participants to receive and share invaluable tips about the applications, establish partnerships that can later turn into fruitful cooperations, and most importantly to ask for practical help about the projects they are developing right now.

The meeting has two phases, one in Bulgaria – which has concluded yesterday – and one in Italy, starting from today. As for the first phase, the meeting opened in the city of Ruse, famous for its spectacular Neo-baroque architecture for which it is often compared to the Austrian capital Vienna. On the next day it moved to Pleven, a local industrial centre which had a high historic significance of the eventual independence of both Bulgaria and Romania.


In both occasions, participants had the chance to listen to insightful presentations conducted by our staff. First, our director Antonino Pietrini introduced our organization and the services that we can provide to our partners, while afterwards our EU Project Manager Federica Sottile lead a highly informative session on how to be successful with an Erasmus+ application.

After the presentations, personal meetings were conducted which each organization, during which problems, questions and issues were answered and solved, and project ideas were drafted and developed.

The Bulgarian phase of the Preparatory Meeting was a huge success, and we hope that the Italian phase will be just as successful. We are very excited to host this event and to establish successful partnerships with the participants!

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