International dinner

We like to eat in Italy, that’s one things that’s sure. Pasta, pizza, risotto, and many other things. We like our own kitchen and we put a lot of love in preparing tasty dishes. We also like to try new tastes and dishes, from other cultures. That’s one reason we organize
‘international dinners’ with inter alia the people who work in the office of Eprojectconsult. These dinners always result in a lot of fun, unknown dishes and a big meltingpot of cultures.  During the last international dinner, a week ago, the following nationalities were representing their dishes: Lithuanian, Italian, Dutch, German, Irish, Polish, and Japanese.

The Lithuanian dish was surprisingly tasty. Why surprisingly? Because it was a cold, pink soup which rather looked like art in a saucepan than something to eat. The name of the dish is “Saltibarsciai” and the ingredients are the following ones: cucumber, buttermilk, beets, eggs, scallions, dill, sour cream, salt and pepper. Alltogether it looks like this.

Also the Irish stew was very popular. Preparation took three hours, which would be wasted time if the bowl was still filled at the end of the evening. However, it was NOT! The Irish stew smelled delicious, didn’t look that delicious, but was very tasty for everybody. The ingredients were: Lamb, potatoes, onions, leeks, carrots, parsley, salt and pepper. Ofcourse, you can add any vegetables you like.

As dessert we ate German Apfelstrudel, which also took a while to prepare, but was definitely worth it! For the dough you need the following ingredients: bread flour, salt, vegetable oil and water ( lukewarm).  For the filling the following ingredients are needed: apples, granulated sugar, dark rum, raisins, ground cinnamon and lemmon ( juice and peel). Last but not least; the buttered breadcrumbs and when preferred vanilla icecream and whipped cream.

Buon appetito! Enjoy your meal! Skanaus! Eetsmakelijk! Smacznego! Essen Sie schmäcklich! 召し上がれ!

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