International Contact Seminar in Estonia, Tallin

contact seminar in estonia, tallinn

EProjectconsult International department is looking forward to welcome you to the International Contact Seminars Erasmus+ 2017 in Estonia, Tallin.

The aim of the meeting is:

  • to meet new potential partners who would like to apply for new projects for 2017;
  • to become acquainted with the services offered by your future Italian partner “A Rocca”;
  • to take the opportunity to build a long-term partnership based on a real experience;
  • to get a training about the project management in the frame of the Erasmus+ KA1 Program.

Each interested participant will have the opportunity to get tips about project development ideas and process, information about dissemination activities and evaluation strategies. Moreover, you will be able to ask all the necessary information you need about Erasmus+.Participants can have personal meetings with the project managers of EProjetConsult for suggestions and tips about:

  • Developing successful EU projects;
  • EU project management;
  • Project applying process;
  • Suitable projects according to the profile of each Organization/School etc.

Participants on the meeting can be representatives from European schools (teachers, leaders or project managers) or representatives from any relative institution active in the field of education and training.


10:00 Registration and greetings

10:15 Presentation of EProjectConsult International Department of “A Rocca” Cultural Association – Background and activities

10:30 Workshops:

  • Developing a successful EU project.
  • EU project management
  • Project submitting process

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Personal meetings with partners to talk about:

  • Suitable projects according to the profile of each organisation/school etc.
  • New cooperation and developing of project ideas
  • Creation of project programs’ drafts
  • Dissemination and evaluation strategies
  • Targeted questions

16:00 End of activities

The vehicular language will be English.

The attendance will be restricted to a maximum of two representatives per organization.

Participation is free of charge

Contact Person: Errol Bailly


Seminar venue
Pikk 16, Tallinn
GSM: +372 56 48 84 75

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