In the Netherlands for a training course

Twello, 17th of December 2011

Hi everybody! We are in Twello, in The Netherlands for a Training Course in the frame of Youth in Action Program which title is “Sharing Roads Migration and Youth Mobility”. We are enjoying the time during the activities and we are learning important concepts about Migration. Moreover we are enjoying the opportunity to share opinion,  experiences and point of view of people from all over Europe. You can find their first comments below!

Paulina  Petrova Bulgaria

Rainy smiling days of international cooperation in Dutchland..yeahhhh!

Viktor Lavnejev  Estonia

Training Course had started very funny and friendly and straight progressing into a productive gaining of a new knowledge.

Hanna Gustafsson, Sweden

A  new and different way to gain new knowledge and experience!=)


New friends from all over the world and discover The Netherlands, a perfect  and unforgettable experience…

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