I’m a great adventurer in Sicily

Hi guys!

My name is Alejandro and I am from León, Spain. I have been in Sicily since 01st July, 2019 and there is a few time left to complete my three months of internship.

This year I spent my summer in Sicily which is an island located in southern Italy, surrounded by three seas, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea. But my internship has been in a small, quiet and special city called Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto.

I enjoy my free time here by going to the beach which is called “Caldera” with the water of the wonderful Tyrrhenian Sea. The beach is 30 minutes walking away and 10 minutes far by bicycle from my apartment. Here, I bought second-hand bike, which is the best transportation for the 3-months internship.

Thanks to my colleagues Gizem Kozan and Sergio, I have been able to make several trips throughout the island of Sicily, which have helped me realize how fantastic it is to travel, thanks guys!

The food here is special, like the famous “granita with brioche” that you can find with many flavors, and  the unforgettable pizza, the pasta, the “aranchini”, the “cannoli”, the “hamburger di cavallo”, the “pannini” , … Sicily is where the main protagonist is citrus, the taste of lemon, orange and red orange, are totally different flavors from the Spain.

My experience at EprojectConsult has been like being with lifelong friends, the laughter, the love that I have received these three months. It is my first experience as a worker in a company.

I have improved myself not only professionally but also personally. Erasmus + is a great possibility to travel, leaving your comfort zone, access an international relationship between various cultures, new languages, and much more.

I am very happy to have been here, to have met wonderful people like Gizem, Federica, Errol, Andrés, Nino, Mari, Linda, Loris, Serena, and of course Rita, the great joy of the office with whom I have shared the love, the laughter and happiness.


I will never forget you, guys! Ti auguro il meglio!

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