IES CARTUJA: Crecemos con la Formación en Europa

Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci

administrative management, graphic design, car mechanics or cleaning services

May 28 marks the end of an enriching experience for a group coming from IES CARTUJA School (Granada, Spain) who arrived 10 weeks ago (April 2, 2014). Eleven participants had been selected for the project named Crecemos con la Formación en Europa in the frame of the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci. The aim of the stay was to enable them to gain further skills in their field of studies through a placement in Sicily, thus preparing them for their future world of work.

In accordance with their qualifications, their placements were located in 9 enterprises in the town of Barcellona P.G., dealing with administrative management, graphic design, car mechanics or cleaning services. Independently from their field of studies, in which they gained stronger practical knowledge, they could acquire other, transversal skills such as the ability to work abroad with foreign colleagues, take direction from supervisor, work both individually and in team and, finally, manage deadlines.

Last but not least, getting involved in the working life here on the island was also the opportunity to learn about the functioning of Sicilian enterprises related to the mentioned areas. This was of particular interest for the participants who had already have a previous professional experience in the field as they could compare the similarities and differences between Sicily and their home country.

A 20 hour Italian course was also offered to them by an experienced teacher specialized in teaching the language to foreigners. It turned out to be very beneficial as they could use it both for their placements as well as in everyday life.

Cultural Programme

Some excursions organised during the weekend reinforced the group cohesion and led the participants to gain some insights into the Sicilian culture. Cefalu, Taormina, Jalari Park Museum, Messina, Palermo Milazzo, the Aeolian Islands, Etna and, finally, the Lake of Marinello and Tindari Bay were among the places they visited together.


General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

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In conclusion, the project has been a worthy experience for the participants who are, from now on, more competitive in the labour market in Spain. Our team is very satisfied with their involvement in the project. We hope to continue our cooperation with IES CARTUJA School.

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