Kick-off meeting, press conference, mediated workshop, informative session.


The event focuses on the importance of civic participation at EU level. Subtopics to be addressed, among others:

  • the motivational issue as to why electors should engage themselves;
  • the concept of democracy;
  • the way how politics affects our everyday life (use of concrete examples);
  • the misconception that it is useless to go to the polls.

An informative session held by the Polish partner will explain how to properly use the web platform.


  • Disseminate the project goals through the kick-off meeting and press conference
  • Minimize the distance between politics and participants
  • Greater understanding and basic knowledge of one’s civic rights and duties
  • Greater awareness about the European turnout deficit
  • Stronger insights into the current EU issues related to everyday life
  • Stronger motivation for engagement in the democratic life of the EU (e.g. voting)
  • Knowledge in the use of the web platform for partners

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