From Hungary to Sicily: 3 months of language, learning and culture

Hey! My name is Bálint, I’m from Hungary (studying in Germany), and I’ve been an intern here for 3 months, starting from the beginning of September. I have worked on the administration and practical parts of projects as well as a bit on an application for a strategic partnership.

Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto is a nice small town not very far from the sea, with a very laid-back atmospehere, therefore it is more for those for whom “partying” means a glass of wine and good company instead of going to clubs. The weather is amazing and there are practically unlimited beautiful places on the island, no matter whether one prefers natural or historic-artistic sights.

One thing that was especially pleasing in the internship is that I had the chance to visit a big part of the most important places in Sicily as part of the job and therefore for free (the Etna, Taormina, Aeolian Islands, Catania, Siracusa) and a few hidden gems (Noto, Savoca, Milazzo). Also, working in an international team and learning about the practical side of the European Mobility projects was surely highly beneficial as a supplement for my education in European Studies.
I have arrived with zero knowledge of the Italian language and not much more about the culture – well, now I know a lot about the culture. As for the language, I definitely understand much more than before, but I think if someone arrives with a basic knowledge, they will definitely be able to have real conversations in Italian in a few months.

I have gained a lot of insight in terms of how relatively big mobility projects are conducted from the application to the evaluation and down to the smallest details, which contributed a lot to my professional development. Also, the 6-hour workdays and long siestas helped me to keep energy for free-time activities, while working with a staff of very diverse backgrounds have contributed a lot to my understanding of different cultures.

Overall, I would highly recommend anyone to go for an internship here. The amazing food, the spectacular sights, the surrounding history and the interesting work all would make the adventure worth it in themselves, but altogether they provide an unforgettable and highly beneficial experience. Anyone who has a chance should take the opportunity – I will definitely never forget my time here!

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