Human Capital Operational Programme

hairdressing sector

In March 2013 Eprojectconsult team took the role of hosting partner for a group of Polish teenagers in the frame of Human Capital Operational Programme. The project was named “The Professional Practice in Spain and Italy – new perspectives and chances for youth from Lodz and Province”. From the 3rd of March to the 23th of March 2013 our participants had the possibility to get an experience in the field of hairdressing as well as get in touch with Sicilian culture.10 students and one teacher spent three unforgettable weeks in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, in Sicily.

The subject of the placements for all participants was the field of hairdressing. During the project interns had the opportunity to learn whatever is needed for a future professional career as hairdresser and to improve their skills in this domain. The placements ware located in various relative enterprises in the town of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. Youth had a chance to see the way of functioning of Sicilian enterprises related to hairdressing and compare all the similarities and differences between way of working in Sicilian and Polish companies.

Cultural Programme

Furthermore, during the weekends project participants had a possibility to discover wonderful part of  Italy and important segments of Sicilian culture. They visited such beautiful places and cities like Messina, Tindari, Milazzo and Taormina. During the trip to Park Museum of “Jalari” they experienced a part of Sicilian culture within a folk music concert of a local band called “Sarva la Pezza” and tasted traditional Sicilian food.This experience gave them an unparalleled insight into life in different country and broadened their horizons.


General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

Assistance of Eprojectconsult employees consisted of satisfying the expectations of each participants, explaining any doubts and resolving problems. We individually introduced every student to his company. In order to satisfy all participants needs, there were two days of evaluation – one after the first week and the other at the final days.

The team of Eprojectconsult hardly believe that it was an enriched and useful experience for all the participants.Additionally, we would like to thank everyone for their openness and involvement! We hope that experience and knowledge gained during this project will enhance their future career opportunities and benefit to their personal and professional development.

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