How is it to be an intern in EprojectConsult?

From July to September sunny and hot weather occupies whole Sicily: shops and offices are closed for siesta, people are sunbathing and swimming in the sea. But the team of EprojectConsult still works, creating and implementing new European projects. For me it is a big pleasure to be a part of it.

This is a time to introduce myself. My name is Veranika Bystrova, I’m from Belarus. For 3 months I have taken a place of intern in this organization under Life Long Programme Erasmus Placement. First of allI was nicely surprised, that each person of the team has its own area of activity. My task is to deal mostly with Youth in Action Programme (YiA) projects. At the beginning I was asked to study and analyze information about my organization’s profile and past projects, European Commission youth programmes and strategies, such as European Youth Window, different actions of YiA, Erasmus for all.

I want to admit that I have come here in a very good time, because for me it is an opportunity to get an experience about how approved projects can be implemented and how they should be managed. For example, I’m managing (establishing budget, keeping contact with partners, etc.) four very interesting YiA projects:

  • Dress to express” is about  European awareness, as well as art and culture; where participants will explore cultural differences by non-formal methods of learning;
  • Seeds of cooperation” concerns protection of the environment, active citizenship, urban/rural  development and UN Millennium Development Goals;
  • Europe LIVE” , regards European citizenship, media & communication, art & culture and entrepreneurship of young people;
  • More in You” has update main theme and it examines the challenges of youth unemployment at national and European level, as the policies and strategies aimed to address it.

This is only a small piece in a big common work of our office. All skills I’m getting during the internship will be very useful in my future life. Here people try to help you to develop yourself and strengthen your creativity. By the way interns always can count on good advice from the staff and ask hundreds of questions J

In the end I would like to say that many interesting projects, meetings and events will definitely meet you here, because main power of EprojectConsult’s men is IDEA!

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