Green change meeting

Workshop activity on January 30th    

We have the chance to work for the green change project with Asociación para la protección del medio ambiente REACT (Spain), Ecocenter Alapítvány (Hungary), Ass. Art. Cult. A Rocca (Italy). Together we are sharing a common understanding of the core principles of youth work, interest in non-formal education and motivation to explore new ways of working with young people. In the framework of this project, the group of Eproject Consult have organized multiple activities around the topic “Designing the school of the future”.


On January 30th we went to the school Istituto tecnico economico e tecnologico E. Fermi in Barcellona P.G to meet students along with their teachers coming from all around the world with the Erasmus+ program. 

In the morning, we did some ice-breaking activities to facilitate the interactions among the participants. Then we started activities meant to tackle subjects such as Europe, we asked ourselves: with which documents can we move in and out of Europe. This way, we have been able to see how many students are  traveling worldwide. We tackled Instagram as well, which is a threat for the youngest. For this activity, students had one Instagram account drawn on a piece of paper, the student had to ask another student to draw their life according to reality but also, they had to lie. An interesting activity that opened the eyes of students to the fact of not trusting everything that happens online.   

In the afternoon, students took part in a workshop held by Cormac Porter and coordinated by Nino Pietrini, director of the A Rocca Association. They were involved in creating “pop art” artworks, which later on have been exposed around Barcellona P.G. on the windows of some local businesses. This activity was very much appreciated by the students, they took pleasure in expressing their sense of creativity because they had opportunities to see what they can do to improve their environment and much further. It may have changed their mind on how they perceive the environment and perhaps gave them ideas to pursue a dream or a career they never thought of. Finally, this afternoon taught us that everyone can have a real impact on their environment, therefore we should put all the chances on our side to improve our common surroundings. 



Emilio Casalini on 31th    

On January 31st, students from the school “Istituto Tecnico Commerciale, per Geometri e Turistico Enrico Fermi”, and the Erasmus+ students along with their teachers were invited to the park Jhalari in Barcellona Pozzo Di Gotto. Arriving on site they could enjoy the Sicilian Street food buffet with wonderful live music. Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese students immersed themselves deeply in Sicilian culture.

After this generous meal, we were fortunate to meet the very talented Emilio Casalini who gave a lecture supported by Nino Pietrini, the school director Antonietta Amoroso, and Giusy Scarpaci.


Emilio Casalini is an unconditional lover of his country and its heritage. Above all, he’s a well-known journalist, writer, with his book “Rifondata Sulla Bellezza”, and narrator with his TV show “Generazione Belleza”. Also, with his radio show, his conferences, and seminars. But he was involved across the world as a photojournalist, documentary maker, filmmaker, and with numerous projects around the world.


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