GoOutThere! – Pilot event in the Parnitha mountain

GotOutdoor - Pilot event in the Parnitha mountain

On a bright and sunny day in late April, a group of six adventurers from Italy set off for Greece to participate in the GotOutDoor project. Their destination was the majestic Parnitha Mountain range in Athens, where the project’s activities would be held. The following day, April 28th, marked the beginning of their exciting journey.

The group started their day with a scenic drive through the mountains, eventually arriving at the Flampouri base camp. Here, they received a comprehensive briefing from Krasi, who outlined the day’s activities. After gearing up and preparing themselves, the group set out on a challenging hike that involved using an action-bound application to navigate the trail. The hike required the group to solve puzzles and answer questions about various landmarks and locations along the way, earning points as they progressed.

As they followed the winding trail, the group was treated to breathtaking views of the Parnitha mountain range. They encountered numerous natural springs and other beautiful locations, marveling at the stunning scenery around them. The hike culminated at an old church called St. Peter and Paul, after which the group slowly made their way back to the base camp for a well-deserved team dinner. Later that evening, they gathered at the Panoramic viewpoint to admire the glittering lights of Athens.

On April 29th, the group was ready for another day of adventure. This time, they embarked on a more challenging trail that was divided into three stages, each progressively more difficult than the last. As they progressed through the stages, they encountered a group of students from the Tourism Management department who joined them on the hike. The students brought with them a sense of energy and excitement, and the hike was filled with music, laughter, and plenty of fun.

After four hours of hiking, the group finally reached the trail’s endpoint and returned to the base camp. The results of their efforts were published on the action-bound application’s dashboard, and the team was thrilled with their achievements. The hike reinforced the importance of outdoor activities and sports in keeping us active and healthy.

Throughout the course of the project, the group had grown to appreciate the beauty and majesty of the Parnitha mountain range. They had developed a deep appreciation for the importance of physical activity and spending time in nature. As they prepared to return to Athens on April 30th, the team was filled with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. They had taken away valuable lessons and memories from their time on the mountain, and they would carry these with them for years to come.

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