Gizem Kozan Intern at EProjectConsult

Gizem Kozan, Intern at EProjectConsult


I am back again. It is Gizem from Turkey. I’ve been here in Barcellona P.G for more than 4 months. And I undertook a 4 months internship at EprojectConsult is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t refuse. 

At EprojectConsult, I was treated and acted like a regular employee. I was ready to have positive interactions with clients at all times, no matter how I was feeling personally. I had a lot of different tasks like co-writing applications for some projects and that improved to manage and analyze the information.

I developed friendships with my coworkers, got feedback from my superiors or colleagues. Through them, I’ve had a great opportunity to grow in something that I absolutely enjoy doing. I’m very thankful for all that they have done for me.

Eprojectconsult is an incredible place to build your career, make friends, and gain real-world experience. It has one of the most welcoming, exciting, and innovative work cultures. People are smart and fun, which makes it really exciting to go to work. Everyone is willing to help, and each project is very impactful and interesting.

Over the course of my internship, I had the chance to make friends with people almost all around the world like Spain, Poland, Sweeden, Germany, Malta, etc. We spoke about the differences in our cultures, food, etc. This was the best part of the experience because you learn a lot of things from each other that you can’t know until you talk with people that actually live there. This journey has not only taught me time management and work ethics but has also helped me gain a more practical and objective approach towards life.

On the other hand, Sicily is the kind of destination that demands quite a bit of you. I had an easier and more relaxing time. I have joined for some wonderful excursion trips during weekends. I could say that I almost visited most of the beautiful cities and places in Sicily. And the island is full of so many cultural treasures that you won’t lack for things to do and places to see. During my travels, I end up getting to know locals who rarely see foreign tourists and are eager to share the best parts of their town (and food!) with you. Sicilians are very warm and friendly people. Even if you’re not able to communicate, they’ll welcome you with open arms.


At the end of my time here I can say that I really enjoyed my experience and I already know that once I am back in Turkey I will miss everything about here. Erasmus internship is something you simply can’t forget! if you have the opportunity to take Erasmus+ Internship, just do it! You are not going to regret.

As I said in my previous blog,

Love you Sicily and love being here!

Gizem Kozan
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