Gastro trends in Europe – Erasmus+ Training Course

"Gastro trends in Europe"

Erasmus+ Training course

The culinary culture of Sicily in an Erasmus+ training course in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


On the 26th of June, a group of teachers from Hungary came to visit Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto as part of Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Mobility Program. The eight teachers attended a training course as part of the project Gastro trends in Europe. On the day of their arrival, the hosts made sure that they are settled well in their accommodation so they can rest and be ready for their first day.

The program started on the 27th of June in the afternoon hours. First, they had welcome presentation where they were introduced with Italian culture, the city and the organization. They received some main information that would be helpful during their stay here and got known about their schedule and activities through the course. After it was the time for their first activity, study visit and workshop to Lia ci si?. They were introduced to the owner who told them something about the restaurant, how it started and what type of meals do they offer. They learned about traditional Sicilian food and culture and were shown special offer which is called “SushiLia” – mixture of sushi with traditional Italian food. After, they had a small practice on how to make traditional Italian dish. They observed carefully and with the great enjoy.

On the second day of their training course the morning was reserved for study visit to Unni Manci!. They had a small presentation about Italian pizza, their ingredients and learned some facts about pizza. The owner then showed them and explained which type of grains they use for making dough and also showed them how it is done, mentored them on how to roll it so it can be like real Italian pizza. The group enjoyed this small practice and was vey interested in his presentation. In the afternoon they came back to Unni manci! where they had the opportunity to make pizza on their own. The atmosphere was very nice and it seemed they are having a lot of fun while learning something new.

The third day was organized as study visit and workshop to Jalari Park Museum. The group was thrilled and fascinated by the beauty of Jalari. After a small tour, they were presented with the Jalari park and its business. The idea of this study visit is to show them how to professionally manage and organize large events such as wedding, celebrations, etc. Later, they had a workshop with Vera Pietrini on how to properly serve traditional Italian dish and how to plan and manage private personalized events.  

The group was very fascinated by the entire object and incredibly happy to gain so much information and experience about Italian traditional food.

Not everything is about the food, so one day was reserved for Perditempo. They met the owner and cocktail master who told them something about the place and also about the food and drinks they offer. They were known with Italian traditional and popular ingredients and got some more information about Italian Aperitivo. Also, they gain knowledge on how to serve proper drinks with each dish. Later, they had the chance to make cocktails on their own like a true cocktail master.

Last day, our visitors spent a day at La Zappa e il Lombrico and learned something about organic food. They were shown the farm and told about how it is taken care of. It was remarkably interesting visit for them. Later that day, hosts organized final meeting with our participants where they had final evaluation of the training course and received their certificates. There was some small talk about the experience they gain and had our greeting. They went to their accommodation to prepare for their departure for day after. Sad to leave, but very satisfied with the all the things they saw and learned.

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