FaR&Com Fast reading and comprehension

Erasmus+ Project Number: 2022-1-BG01-KA220-SCH-000087331

Project Overview:

In today’s rapidly changing world, the volume of written materials continues to increase, making it essential for individuals of all ages to read and comprehend information effectively. The FaR&Com Fast Reading and Comprehension project aims to address this challenge by developing innovative methodologies and tools to improve reading speed and comprehension. This project targets students aged 8-16, as well as their teachers and educational professionals, with a focus on multiple languages.

Project Objectives:

  • Enhance students’ reading comprehension skills and promote balanced brain development.
  • Reduce early school dropout rates.
  • Implement innovative teaching methods within the formal education system.
  • Enhance the qualifications of teachers and trainers.
  • Improve students’ personal and academic achievements.
  • Raise awareness about reading challenges and effective solutions both in classrooms and at home.

Key Activities:

  1. Develop innovative reading methodologies emphasizing initial reading speed and brain hemisphere development.
  2. Create three training courses based on these methodologies.
  3. Produce a set of educational resources and materials covering five topics to support speed reading and comprehension.
  4. Design and develop the FaR&Com APP with online fast reading exercises, both for individual and group use, supported by educators, and featuring competitive elements.
  5. Organize an international training event followed by national peer trainings and pilot programs in various educational settings.
  6. Conduct two rounds of national sharing and promotion events to raise awareness.
  7. Host a final conference to summarize project results and share best practices from pilot trainings.

Project Partners:

  • 93rd “Alexander Teodorov – Balan” Secondary School – Bulgaria
  • Eprojectconsult – Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Ricerca – Italy

This Erasmus+ project, FaR&Com Fast Reading and Comprehension, is dedicated to improving reading skills and comprehension among students while equipping educators with innovative methodologies to facilitate personal and academic growth. The project aims to address the evolving challenges of reading in the digital age and contribute to a more inclusive and skilful society.

FaR&Com mobile app:

The groundbreaking FaR&Com app, a creation of EProjectConsult, is set to revolutionize the reading experience for students aged 8-16 and their educators. This innovative application is meticulously crafted to address prevalent challenges in traditional reading methods, including issues such as eye regression and limited attention spans.

The FaR&Com project goes beyond conventional approaches by introducing cutting-edge teaching techniques aimed at enhancing crucial cognitive skills. By tackling obstacles related to concentration, memory, and imagination, the app strives to create a learning environment that fosters not only academic excellence but also personal growth.

The overarching goal of FaR&Com is to instill confidence and motivation in students, creating a positive ripple effect that extends to educators as well. Through this transformative approach to reading, the app aspires to uplift academic outcomes and promote a sense of accomplishment, contributing to a more enriching educational experience for both teachers and students alike.

The FaR&Com app is readily available for download on both the Play Store and the App Store, providing easy access for users seeking to enhance their reading experience.


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