F.O.R.Z.A Multiplier Event in Sicily

F.O.R.Z.A Erasmus+ Ka2 project

F.O.R.Z.A Multiplier Event

This weekend, the Jalari Park Museum will play host to the highly anticipated F.O.R.Z.A Multiplier Event on December 17, 2023. Organized by A Rocca NGO and EProjectConsult, this event promises to be a dynamic platform for decision-makers and stakeholders in the realm of digital education, offering a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The F.O.R.Z.A Multiplier Event aims to bring together a diverse audience, creating an engaging environment for dialogue and collaboration. The event will be a great occasion to involve youth leaders and key stakeholders and share with them the project’s Intellectual Outputs (PR1, PR2, PR3). Furthermore, it will be a catalyst for initiating debates on new strategies and curricula in training and education. As an evaluation event, it will lay the groundwork for a cooperation plan to further exploit the project’s outcomes, shaping the future of digital education across borders.

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