Expression in Form

Erasmus+ Internship

photography, graphic, sculpture, painting, decoration, graphic sector

Expression in Form contract № 2011-1-BG1-LEO01-04610 was a mobility IVT program promoted from the NATIONAL SCHOOL OF ARTS «Dobri Hristov», from the city of Varna, in Bulgaria. 
The mobility involved 14 students selected from the school and 2 teachers which had a full program of practice – Artist Residency in Sicily, in the Jalari Park Museum, from the 13th of November until the 26th of November 2011. 

Cultural Programme

In the free time they had chance to visit some beautiful places in Sicily, and know Italian cuisine thanks to the local restaurants.


General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

The participants, coordinated during their stay in Sicily from the staff of Eprojectconsult, were leaving in the Farm Holiday of the Jalari Park Museum, in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, Messina Province and they attend to a full program: workshops, lecture, open air activities in the sector of photography, graphic, sculpture, painting, decoration, graphic, etc. 

It was a pleasure for the Eprojectconsult staff to coordinate this project because the participants were enjoying the opportunity given to them of being in contact every day with a famous artist, to share with each artist their skills and point of view about art, to be encouraged and appreciated for their wonderful work. 

During the educational and creativity practice „Expression in form” the supervision and care for the participants have been applied in a condition of close collaboration between the Bulgarian teachers and the project coordinator from the consulting company. The correct development and implementation of the educational practice have been monitored and evaluated by the consulting company in connection with the issue of certificate Europass mobility. The advancement of the students have been coordinated, monitored and evaluated by the accompanying specialist teachers from National School of arts „Dobri Hristov” Varna which have been with the students at any time in order to stimulate the debate at the end of each long day and to solve any logistical matter.

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Expression in form

On the 14th of November, begun the project “Expression in form” with 14 Bulgarian people: this project involves two partners, the National School of Art of Varna and EprojectConsult International Department. Sixteen Bulgarian students, monitored from their teachers came to Sicily to realize their project about Art. EprojectConsult welcomes them and coordinates all their activities in Sicily during the next 2 weeks.

They will stay at Jalari Park Museum for two weeks, in where they will hate the opportunity to  express their own art through the drawing, the painting, what they see in this particular place. This morning, we have begun the project with a presentation of the programme, a lecture for with Mr Salvatore Pietrini, one of Jalari builders, who realized all the architecture of the Park Museum. The Bulgarian students are very curious about Jalari, its construction and the idea of its creation. Between artists, they have many things to exchange!

Then we went walking in the Park to show concretely the architecture which is unique. They discovered an empty magic ball where they entered into, which the effect is, according to the Bulgarian teacher, “MAGIC!”

In the afternoon we went to the ethnographic Cassata Museum to discover the old craft and old workshops which have disappeared: the barber, the wheelwright, etc… People enjoyed this visit and specially the piano-jukebox which was so nice!!

In the next days we will have the opportunity to develop this Artist residency by meeting and working with several artists: Prof. Mariano Pietrini, International Artist; Prof. Maurizio Calabrò, Mr Lio Sottile, etc.

See you soon to talk about this experience so interesting for everybody here!

Expression in form
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