Exhibition of the Sicilia a Prima Vista 2015 Photo Contest at the Espressivamente Festival

Espressivamente – an unforgettable expression of arts and music

From the 18th to 19th of August a festival of arts and music took place in the beautiful and mystical Parco Museo Jalari, located close to the city of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. Artists and performers from all corners of Sicily gathered for two days to engage in workshops, share their art, act and perform their music and dances.

This year marked a special occasion as the festival celebrated the 10th anniversary since taking place for the first time in 2005. The festival of Espressivamente aims to raise public awareness to the art showing its various aspects and its various possible applications. It aims to show the kind of art that can be taught but at the same time remain playful. The festival is an opportunity for young people to socialize, exchange ideas and present their cultures. The hope of the festival is to establish a union of the old and the new artist generations and ideas and project them into the future, also to establish a dialogue between art critics and professionals in the sectors of literature, theater, music, cinema, circus and the new generation of art. The festival is a platform and a moment of complete openness that allows young people to get to know each other, get involved into art creation, learn and teach each other.


The event started on the 18th of August with the arrival of the artists from different regions of Italy who at first had a short excursion at the park, learnt about the history and creation of the park as well as the meaning of magical sculptures that are located there and the philosophy behind them. The main theme of the park is light: all the sculptures are made of white stone that seems to shine and glitter in the daylight. The park becomes a magical place for all the visitors and artists who come to wander and meditate there, it is a perfect place to look for inspiration and gain positive energy.


The arrival of artists was followed by several workshops: artists gathered in groups to draw together, to play various instruments: percussion, winds, strings and exchange their knowledge and experience via creating music and paintings together.


After the workshops, the main performances of the festival started. The organizers invited rock and folk bands, classical music choirs, Tarantella dancers, fire dancers, jugglers and theater performers to share their art with the audience of Parco Jalari. The festival attracted hundreds of guests from Sicily as well as the mainland Italy. The relaxed, creative and positive atmosphere was in the air whole two days, artists and guests interacted, sang, danced together and shared their ideas with each other. Every year the Espressivamente festival is an extraordinary experience for everyone who contributes to making the event happen: performers, artists, guests, visitors and organizers.


Works of the Winners of Sicilia a Prima Vista 2015 Photo Contest at Espressivamente

EProjectConsult had announced the photo contest Sicilia a Prima Vista 2015 two months ago that has concluded last week as the works of the finalists where displayed in an exhibition during the Espressivamente Festival. Participants from all corners of Europe – Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania and Poland sent the photos that they took during their participation in a project or from their holiday in Sicily. The contest participants were invited to share their first Sicilian life experience captured on the camera and the photos represent their first and most memorable impressions of Sicily as a traveler or a worker in this beautiful region.

Sicilia a Prima Vista is an annual contest that attracts many travellers and foreign guests who come to work or participate in various projects in Sicily. Sharing the memories and experiences through the photographs is a beautiful way to demonstrate what Sicily looks like through the eyes of foreigners.


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