Europe for citizens project “REMEDY” 3rd meeting


“The Voice from the Past – Recalling Memories in Diversity” – REMEDY

Project number: 577318-CITIZ-1-2016-1-IT-CITIZ-REMEM

TARTU SESSION 6 – 8 September 2017

From the 6-8 of September 2017 Tartu (Estonia) will be welcoming the third meeting of the project “The Voice from the Past – Recalling Memories in Diversity” – REMEDY.

The meeting will see the participation of 36 participants from 10 different European partners organizations: Dimos Istieas-Aidipsou (Greece), M2C (Germany), APSHSTDC (Portugal), Organization for Scientific and Practical Development of the Students (Bulgaria), Fundación Universitaria San Antonio de Cartagena (Spain), Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation (Estonia), Albanian Association of Industrial Environmentalist (Albania), Multikultura (Poland), SE RDA (Romania) and the Comune di Geraci Siculo (Italy).

Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia with a population less than a 100.000. Tartu is considered to be the academic center of Estonia and because of the University of Tartu a lot of institutions, NGO-s and think-tanks have chosen Tartu as their home.

The overall goal of this consortium is emphasizing on the importance of remembering the past and commemorating the totalitarian regime victims in order to draw lessons that are relevant today to sustain peace and democracy.

The meeting is divided in two parts; the morning will be used by the project partners to discuss about issues related to the implementation of the project, in particular about the dissemination activities implemented so far and any changes that could be made to improve the web platform. Also, the partners will share information and updates about the next international meeting which will be held in Bremen (Germany).

Furthermore, two workshops related to the theme of the reconciliation are planned. To guarantee the success of the workshops and the event in general, 2 experts will lead the topics of the workshops that are: “The Baltic Experience” and “History of the reconciliation”.

In the afternoon, the event will be open to the local citizens in order to involve them in the project and to disseminate locally the project. In fact it’s scheduled a walking tour in Raadi, the largest military airbase in the Baltics.

It will result to have a closer look towards the WWII, the Soviet period and discuss about the European history.

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