EUForza Moodle Platform by EProjectconsult

The EUFORZA Moodle platform, a remarkable creation by EProjectConsult, introduces an extensive curriculum encompassing five distinct modules: Professional Practical Skills, LEGAL EAGLE, MEDIA BUSINESS, MEDIA LITERACY, and a Storytelling methodological approach. The development of content for these modules is a collaborative effort between our team and esteemed partners, including WAY SAS (Italy), APROXIMAR (Portugal), ASSOCIATION FOR VOLUNTEERISM VOLONTERSKI CENTAR SKOPJE (The Republic of North Macedonia), and GROWTH COOP S.COOP.AND (Spain).

This innovative platform has captured the attention of users across diverse regions, with enthusiastic participation from individuals in Italy, Portugal, Spain, and North Macedonia. The courses accommodate various learning paces, allowing participants the flexibility to complete them at their own speed. Notably, some participants have already successfully completed all the modules, attesting to the effectiveness and appeal of the learning experience.

As of now, the EUFORZA Moodle platform proudly boasts an enrollment of 133 users who have eagerly signed up for these enriching educational opportunities, signifying the widespread interest and positive reception of this dynamic learning platform.

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