Erasmus+2016 Latvia Catering and Commerce

Erasmus+ Internship

Catering and Commerce sector

From 20th of June until 31st  of July the team of the Associazione Art. Cult. “A Rocca and Eprojectconsult International department, in cooperation with Valmieras Tehnikums hosted a group from Valmiera, Latvia in the frame of Erasmus+ programme. We hosted 12 selected participants during the project named “Prakse – Tavs ceļš uz profesiju!”. The internship were in the field of catering and commerce, thereby they gained experience in their field of studies and become acquainted with the traditional Italian and Sicilian way of labour.

Cultural Programme

In the free time they had chance to visit some beautiful places in Sicily, including Messina, and know Italian cuisine thanks to the local restaurants. We hope that their experience of living abroad was unforgettable and enriching in the cultural way.


General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

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mobility certificate by eprojectconsult

At the end of the project, participants received “A Rocca” placement certificate.

Most importantly the participants gained professional experience in their sector, so that they will be more competitive in the labor market in Latvia.

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