Erasmus+ Spain Xeración Asociación Cultural 2015

Erasmus+ Internship

childcare, carpenter, immigration services, autistic, engineering and accounting

EProjectConsult and “A Rocca”, in cooperation with Xeración Asociación Cultural hosted from the 1st of October to the 30th of November 2015 a group of students from Coruña, Spain in the frame of Erasmus+ programme. During the project named “Formacións en Empresas Internacionais para a Xuventude (FENIX)” we hosted 8 selected participants. The internship were in the field of childcare, carpenter, immigration services, autistic, engineering and accounting, thereby they gained working experience in their professional field and become acquainted with the traditional Italian and Sicilian way of labour.

Cultural Programme

In the free time they had chance to visit some beautiful places in Sicily, and know Italian cuisine thanks to the local restaurants.


Specific skills acquired – Carpenter

  • Making and maintenance of pieces of wood used in construction (e.g. windows, doors, flooring, stairs…)
  • Execution and maintenance of furniture and decorative ordinary
  • Execution and maintenance of wooden objects of everyday use (e.g. frames, musical instrument)
  • Renewal and maintenance of wooden antiques
  • Grinding, milling
  • Wrapping furniture

Specific skills acquired – refugees and asylum seekers

  • Interviewing techniques: Visiting and interviewing immigrants
  • Good powers of observation
  • Ability to manage workload
  • Carrying out intelligence-based activities
  • Using meeting to encourage group discussions
  • Raise intercultural understanding.
  • Specific skills acquired – accounting –social services
  • Support of all the day-to-day operations of the related business.
  • General clerical tasks including correspondence, filing, scheduling, data entry and phone coverage.
  • Simultaneous management of multiple schedules.
  • Report to supervisors.

Specific skills acquired – Working with Autistic Children

  • Learn how to use repetition to modify behaviour
  • Developing psychology skills
  • Be patient
  • Learn to work in an environmental distractions
  • Think and teach visually
  • Specific skills acquired – Engineer in environmental place
  • Project planning
  • Maintenance and inspection of equipment
  • Preparing recommendation and reports
  • Work under pressure
  • Critical thinking

Specific skills acquired – Monitoring Elementary school

  • Plan lessons and prepare teaching materials with teachers
  • Discuss children’s progress and other relevant matters with parents
  • Attend meeting and do training
  • Organise outings, social activities and sports events
  • Developing classroom rules with children
  • Display for children a skill or desirable way of behaving
  • Solving issues among children, sharing ideas and information

Specific skills acquired – Video and Photo shooter

  • Providing the social media and the Association’s website with photos and videos as part of the dissemination of EU projects
  • He is involved in administrative stuff,
  • Involve in the activities related to logistic.

Evaluation of the project

We believe that the project has been highly successful, and we hope that it was a rich and useful experience to all participants. Employees of the “A Rocca” Association have done their best to satisfy all needs and requests from each and every participant, and to ensure that the communication with the sending organization is seamless. We were always ready to offer help, advice and solutions to all upcoming problems, while providing 24/7 availability in case any urgent assistance was needed.
At the end of the project, participants received “A Rocca placement certificate” and EUROPASS.

Most importantly the participants gained professional experience in their sector, so that they will be more competitive in the labour market in Spain.

Consequently, the participants seemed to be satisfied with this project, and from their evaluations it is clear that they feel it was an interesting and useful experience. We are satisfied with the seemingly flawless success of the project and hope that we can continue our cooperation with the Xeración Asociación Cultural!

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