Erasmus+ ongoing projects: study visits, training course and internship

A busy Monday at EProjectConsult as we have new groups of students coming from Malta and Poland. Also, a training course is starting today for 4 participants from Germany and 2 from Finland. The training course is about food and wine culture in Italy and Sicily.

In the next two weeks, the group of students from MCAST (Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology) will have the chance to visit some companies that work in the field of environmental sustainability. This morning they went to visit a clinical analysis laboratory. Among the others, they will go to visit an aquaculture company specialized in the cultivation of crustaceans and molluscs in natural and controlled marine environments, a solar panel installation company and an Institute for environmental protection and research, ISPRA. The program includes also a guided tour to “Marinello Lakes Nature Reserve” one of the most evocative natural environments of the area located at the foot of the Tindari promontory, and the Silvestri Craters on the Mount Etna in order to obtain general information about maintenance of natural reserves and protected areas.

While the students from Poland will start an internship in the hairdressing sector. For the next 3 weeks, they will work in different hair salons in Barcellona P.G.

We wish everybody good luck and we hope that it will be an enriching experience both professionally and culturally as well as fun.