Erasmus+ KA1 Deadline 2018

1st of February, finally the deadline to submit Erasmus+ Ka1 projects is closed and we feel ourselves more than satisfied.

good luck everybody by EProjectConsult

We would like to thank all our colleagues around Europe for considering our cooperation inside their project proposals and we hope we gave them all the support they needed. Plus, we would like to thank our local Schools and Training Institution for choosing us once again for designing their Erasmus+ proposals.

Every year we put all our efforts to write successful projects, because we strongly believe in the importance of the opportunities offered by the programme. And the more projects we run, the more we consider necessary to invest in Erasmus+.

The young generation needs to travel and discover new Countries, new languages, new job opportunities, new people. Because what is “new” is somehow stimulating. We already know the advantages of abroad internships or training courses: they put you to the test, they allow you to develop or discover personal and professional skills and competencies, they “force” you to learn or use other languages different from your mother tongue, they let you get to know new people & cultures. In other words, using Erasmus+ motto, abroad experiences are “changing lives, opening mind” of people.

So, we keep our fingers crossed and we are looking forward to the results to be published.

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