Erasmus+ Internship 2019 SPAIN IT & Administration


Erasmus+ Internship

IT & Administration

What happened? Practices for FP students under the Erasmus + program

Which topic? Administration & IT at EProjectConsult

Who was there? One participant from Leon and one from Granada Spain

When and where? From July 1, 2019 to September 23, 2019 in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

Who organized? The NGO “A Rocca” and its international department, EProjectConsult.

The name of the projects?

1) EUROLABORA IV – 2017-1-ES01-KA102-037461

2) 2018-1-ES01-KA103-047669

The results? Participants gained international experience along with knowledge and skills at work and contacted traditional Italian and Sicilian culture. At the end of the project, the participants received the “A Rocca” location certificate.

Cultural Programme

During their free time they had excursions to wonderful Sicilian destinations, such as Etna volcano and the city of Taormina. In addition, they enjoyed Italian cuisine in local restaurants and had a traditional “aperitivo” with the team on their first evening in Barcellona P.G.


General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

The project was completed with student evaluations. In their evaluation, they described the project as valuable, useful and interesting. “A Rocca” and EProjectConsult are pleased to have offered students the possibility of acquiring professional experience in their sector to be more competitive in the labor market. The project went smoothly, and we hope to continue pleasant cooperation with the school.

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