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agriculture, food and environment sector

The group of the Associazione Artistica Culurale “A Rocca” and EProjectConsult International department, in cooperation with the “5th Vocational School (EPAL) of Heraklion” took the role of intermediary partner for group of people from the city of Heraklion (Crete, Greece) in the frame of Erasmus Plus Vocational and Educational Training Mobility. During the project named “Η Επιχειρηματική Γεωργία ως κίνητρο για αυτοαπασχόληση των αποφοίτων Επαγγελματκών Λυκείων” we hosted 15 selected participants and 2 teachers that accompanied the students. The internship was in the sector of agriculture, food and environment, thereby they gained experience in their field of studies and become acquainted with the traditional Italian and Sicilian techniques.

The subject of the placement for participants was agriculture, food and environment. The interns had the opportunity to learn skills needed for a future professional career in this field. The local businesses and organisations that the participants visited were in the province of Messina.

The group had a three-day practical training in the company Azienda Agricola Francesco Lo Sciotto (Address: Via Cumbo Borgia 53, 98057, Milazzo, Italy).

Cultural Programme

In the free time they had chance to visit some beautiful places in Sicily, and know Italian cuisine thanks to the local restaurants.


Skills and competences acquired

  • The competence of analysing the differences in cultivation techniques between conventional, biological and biodynamic production.
  • The competence of analysing plant cultivation techniques used by Italian growers, in comparison with those used by Greek growers.
  • The competence of analysing the processing, standardisation and quality control techniques used by the Italian processing enterprises as compared to those already known to be practiced by Greek ones.
  • The competence of organizing an export and market plan of agriculture companies.
  • Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources in the field of Agriculture, and especially in the methods of production, processing and marketing of agricultural products.

They participated in olive harvesting activities and learned about the important role of the oil production in Italy, as it’s a major sector of employment in the country, cultivation techniques of olive and its value in Italian culture and its nutritional value. In addition, participants got informed about the business plan of the company.

Subsequently, the group had the opportunity to visit four local businesses and organisations that trade in the field of agriculture:

  • On the 21st October, the participants visited the company Azienda Agricola Biologica Jalari (Address: C/da Jalari Fraz. Maloto, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME)): The organic farm Jalari founded in 1992, bases its production of organic citrus farming according to the concepts of healthy and respectful of his nature.Participants learned about organic techniques concerning the growing of citrus, the variety of trees, the quantity of production, the irrigation system in a closed circuit, the production process, the marketing plan of the company, the distribution of the product and its sales.
cultural visit to jalari for the students of eprojectconsult

On the 22nd of October, the participants visited the Azienda Agricola Cambria (Address: Via Contrada San Filippo, Furnari, Sicily, Italy).

eprojectconsult and casa vinicola cambria

The Cambria wine company produces very good wines from harvested indigenous grapes nocera from the state of Mastronicola. It pursues a specific objective: to highlight the uniqueness of the area balancing modern technology and careful craftsmanship and tradition in winery. The winery of Cambria is one of the most technological wineries with a long standing presence in Sicily.There the students embraced the opportunity to learn new technologies and practices and compare them with those that had already been taught. They, also, attended the procedure of vinification, aging, bottling and wine-tasting.

eprojectconsult cultural visit for students at winery company

On the 23rd of October, an educational trip about the olive oil production was organised. The students visited the factory Azienda Agricola da Campo Filippo. (Address: Contrada San Filippo, 98054 Furnari, Sicily, Italy).Participants sow closely the biological production of Olive Oil. During the production process, they informed about the technological equipment, the special features of the product and the financial issues of the factory related to the area of business.

eprojectconsult students visit at company
  • On the 28th of October, participants visited the nursery Giambò Piante (Address: Via Nazionale km. 57, 98054 Furnari (ME) Italia).The nursery covers an area of ​​130,000 square meters on the north coast of Sicily and contains many kinds of citrus plants, decorative plants of olives and fruits etc.Participants learned about nursery’s production cycle, details about the kind of each plant, the seeds collection, planting and care techniques etc.
eprojectconsult students visit at company
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