Erase your carbon footprint.

Our organization, #Eprojectconsult, is currently carrying out the preparation for the project ‘#eARTh’, which will be implemented at the 5th of March until the 12th of March. This project consists of a ‘#Youth in action 1.1 youth exchange’ programme in which young people from the following countries will participate: Bulgaria, Latvia, Grecia, Romania, Turkey and Germany. This project is about raising environmental awareness by doing all kinds of activities related to the environment, or more in general; the earth!  To raise awareness it is important to start with yourself. What is your own impact on the environment? With every step you take, you emit #CO2 from the environment, so actually you have to plant a lot of trees to give something back! This is called ‘ Carbon footprint’ and is explained at the following website:, which stands for measuring and improving ones environmental attitude and hopefully behaviour.

“Each person has their own unique carbon footprint, a measure of how much CO2 a person emits per year. The average person emits 26 tonnes (measurement for CO2) of CO2 per year. The more electricity, gas, and fuel you use per year, the higher your personal carbon foot print. Erase Carbon Footprint supports you in going “#Green.”

Take a look at this site and calculate your own carbon footprint, if you dare!

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