ECVET is a technical framework which supports the transfer, recognition and accumulation of learning outcomes with a view to achieving a full or partial qualification. ECVET comprises a series of tools that facilitate the process of learning recognition. The ECVET system is beneficial for students, institutions and states alike, since it makes administration much easier for all parties involved, while it is as a very important step towards a truly integrated labor market.


EProjectConsult has been working on the ECVET procedure since 2015. We have been educating VET Schools and organizations about ECVET and his benefit through international contact seminars across Europe, preparatory visits, skype meeting etc. If you wish to deepen your knowledge about ECVET and received tools and tips for to improve the quality of your application form, we will be please to guide you through the process.

Eprojectconsult is ready in preparing and delivering the necessary documentation

  • Produce a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), at the level of the partnership,
  • Produce a Learning Agreement (LA)
  • Produce a Learning Outcomes (LOs) for the assessment, validation and recognition
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