EProjectConsult’s Experience at this year’s “New Ideas for New Opportunities” Network

EProjectConsult's Experience at this year's “New Ideas for New Opportunities” Network

For the past two days, EProjectConsult has had the privilege of representing and participating in the New Ideas for New Opportunities Network Annual Event. Hosted by the Centre for Promoting Lifelong Learning from Timisoara (CPIP), this annual gathering has been a cornerstone for professionals dedicated to co-financed projects and the advancement of lifelong learning initiatives across Europe. The diverse range of members and projects within the network has showcased the collective power of creating lifelong learning spaces. In conjunction with the event coordinator CPIP, we are proud to announce the fifth edition of the magazine “New Ideas, New Goals,” entirely designed by EprojectConsult, to document and disseminate the results of this year’s network activities.

Published in collaboration with CPIP, it features organizations that have participated in the network, highlighting the projects they are currently undertaking as a result. This publication goes beyond a simple showcase; it delves into the intellectual outputs of the projects, offering insights into the innovative solutions developed by the diverse organizations involved.

“New Ideas for New Opportunities” is a networking platform that has been operating under the leadership of CPIP since 2015. In the collaborative landscape of the modern economy, networking emerges as an efficient method for developing new projects, making this established European community more crucial than ever. It serves as a shared space for organizations seeking to create lasting relationships, gain insights from a diverse group of experts, and discuss their European Commission project submissions collaboratively.

This year, EProjectConsult, in collaboration with CPIP, will continue to manage the network’s communications and promotional materials. As part of these efforts, a short documentary film capturing the essence of the “New Ideas for New Opportunities” event will be created for further dissemination, showcasing the impact and collaborative spirit of the network.

Event Overview:

The “New Ideas for New Opportunities” event has been a consistent annual occurrence for the past eight years, resulting in the successful implementation of projects across Europe. This year’s event, held on the 28th and 29th of November in Vienna, brought together members from 50 different transnational organizations. These diverse entities engaged in lively discussions, submitting numerous project ideas during roundtable sessions.


EProjectConsult’s experience at the New Ideas for New Opportunities Network Annual Event has been a testament to the power of collaboration and lifelong learning. The magazine, “New Ideas, New Goals,” serves as a tangible record of the event’s outcomes, highlighting the achievements of participating organizations and their impactful projects. As representatives of EProjectConsult, we leave this event with a renewed commitment to fostering collaboration and contributing to the growth of lifelong learning initiatives across Europe, as showcased in this vibrant and dynamic network.

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