EProjectConsult welcomes Slovakian interns

Erasmus+ Internship

catering and hairdressing sector

During the period from 14th September – 12th October, EProjectConsult staff found the placements aimed at mobility for VET learners and staff in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme Key Action 1 under the “Modernizácia, internacionalizácia, skvalitňovanie odborného vzdelávania a zvyšovanie profesnej uplatniteľnosti študentov prostredníctvom realizácie praktických mobilít” project. 6 interns completed internships in the field of catering and hairdressing. Participants were accompanied the 1st week by their tutor/teacher and received monitoring visit from their headmaster.

Placement Details: the area of the placement for participants was catering and hairdressing. Interns had the opportunity to develop skills needed for their future professional career in their fields. The placements were all located in the town of Barcellona P.G.

Cultural Programme

Moreover, participants had opportunity to explore new horizons by fully integrating in Sicilian culture and meeting many new friends from Italy and from the other parts of world. In addition, all the group of participants have become good friends, and can still meeting each other and exchange their experiences after the project.


General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

Catering Sector – skills and professional competences acquired:

  • Organizing the cooking equipment, keeping workplace clean and organized.
  • Washing, cutting and preparing vegetables, meats and fruits designated for cooking.
  • Assisting in preparing specialty foods such as pizzas and spaghettis following specific methods which are used in Italian cuisine. Bake breads, rolls, cakes, and pastries (Saint Honore).
  • Weighing, Measuring, Assembling and Mixing ingredients required for specific food items being prepared.
  • Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources in the field related.
  • Ability to operate the standard cooking equipment, and to use cooking utensils.
  • Knowledge in preparing Italian sauces and delicacies through proper techniques used while preparing Italian cuisine.
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Hairdressing Sector – skills and professional competences acquired:

  • Became acquainted with the services offered in Italian hairdressing saloon;
  • Carried hair treatment and hair waving processes;
  • Gained experience in customer service sector;
  • Observed, received, and otherwise obtained information from all relevant sources in the field related.
  • Improved organising skills the working environment;
  • Got acquainted with the health and safety rules at work;
  • Acquired knowledge in washing different types of hair methods and techniques.
  • Became acquainted in selection of proper substances for hair conditioning.

In conclusion, after the project was implemented, participants received “A Rocca placement certificate” and EUROPASS. We hope that they have learned new techniques and methods that will be valuable in their future workplace and will help them to stand out in the labour market of Slovakia. EProjectConsult wishes you good luck in your future paths!

Our monitoring team did its best in order to satisfy the expectations of each participant. We were always ready to offer help, advices and solve any doubts with our guaranteed 24-hour availability; in any case they needed some assistance. Consequently, the participants seemed to be satisfied with this project. According to their opinion, it was an interesting and useful experience. We hope they found inspiration and got new ideas about how to deal with their future career in their country. We are satisfied because due to their participation in the programme, the participants have enriched their professional experiences.

Our team is very satisfied with the participant’s involvement in the project and personal interest of each person involved. We hope we can continue our cooperation with Stredná odborná škola-Szakközépiskola.

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