EProjectConsult welcomes a new Erasmus+ group in Barcellona P.G.

EProjectConsult welcomes a new Erasmus+ group in Barcellona P.G.

On the 4th of July a new group from Poland has arrived to Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. Twenty highschool students from the eastern part of the country will have an opportunity to gain skills from different fields such as car mechanics, gastronomy and carpentry.

The next day after their arrival, participants and their teachers took part in a welcome meeting during which they were introduced to the local life. They were told about the habits of citizens of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, possibillities to spend their free time, their working times and siesta time, most important points in the town.

We appreciate the curiosity shown by the students. This might give an impression of engaging attitude to work, also the atmosphere was, in fact, excellent.

During the organisational part of the day, interns were allocated in various companies in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, where they’ve already started their two weeks internship. Students stay abroad is founded by the EU project internship for the future (orig. “Praktyki dla przyszlosci”),which, besides intensive professional growth, is meant to help the participants improve their language skills, learn the technical terminology, work in a team, in scope of the internship the students are also going to take part in a diverse cultural program, which includes visits to the most beautiful and famous sights located in the surroundings of Barcellona.

The opportunity to gain professional experience at such a young age can be regarded as the most valuable output of the internship. The students will have two weeks to demonstrate their potential.

We wish them good luck!

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