EprojectConsult and ”Mărțișorul”

Catalin and Federica EProjectConsultThe morning road to the EprojectConsult office was embalmed by a moreover smile offered by the blushing sun that seems like a winner from the secular heaps of winters, the powerful rays giving us the certainty that we make the first step towards spring, to the new birth. And this, is not just a musical segment of Paganini’s caprices, or, the last night dream, but is March 1st.

Once arrived with all in the office, with our radiant soul of this changing season, with a moment before starting our activities, everything enters into an atemporal accolade, and also in a splendor of symbols, when each internal from the office gets a Mărțișor. Whatever means this, only God knows, or, also those people, that, through their traditions keeps alive the symbolic significance of this millennial effigies, such as the population of Romania, their brethren, from Moldova, and even the Bulgarians (”Martenitsa”), and also, do not forget the fresh Roumanian intern, that, when he start to bathe the group in legends, you can say that their will not be any end or any reality.Catalin and Teruko EProjectConsult

Mărțișorul, is thus consists of a red and white silk ribbon, which signifies the interwining of winter and spring, to which are added other symbols of luck, and which is offered to the closest people, on the 1st day of March. Usually, this is wearing until the finish of the month, when mărțișorul is removed and hunging in a tree, putting in the same time a desire for being fulfilled in the near future. Its name comes from the word ”marț”, that is an folkloric diminutive of March (Martie), and thus literally means ”little March”.

The significance of these Mărțișor’s colors lies in the intense red, which mean deep love for everything that is beautiful, and white, health, prosperity, the purity of snowdrop, that fragile flower, with an angelic shimmer that stands in the forefront of spring.

Catalin and Serena EProjectConsultThrough the Roumanian tradition, Mărțișorul is stored for more than 8000 years, and is bathed in a coloratura of myths and legends. One of this, says that Mărțișorul begins when the sun, embodied in a beautiful girl, came down, on the Earth, for dancing a beautiful dance in villages. But a kite kidnapped her and locked her in a cellar of a palace, causing pain of all nature: rivers ceased to flow, the birds to sang and the children stopped smiling … Seeing what happens without sun, a brave young man traveled three seasons (summer, autumn and winter) to reach the castle and to save the beautiful girl, fighting several days with the kite until he succeeded to defeat him. The sun was released and the wounded young blood fall on the snow turning it into snowdrops, messengers of spring. Brave young man died happy seeing that his life served a purpose so noble: the spring’s return; happiness that we share with all loved ones who, if we have’t prepared from early a mărţişor or a snowdrop, we will offer a hopeful smile, and not only because the Dacian tradition call us, but because our souls are left bathing by the first divine inspiration of the Sun, that one who has just returned trully on the sky, thanks to our hero’s sacrifice.

From a fairytale ambience, in which we getting drunk our light eyes in a red and white coloratura, we, all EprojectConsult team members, are sending you from our soul, a wonderful  spring, full of love, hope and prosperity!

Cătălin T.

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