“Entrepreneurship Pathways”: our awarded KA1 Project by the Bulgarian NA

"Entrepreneurship Pathways": our awarded Erasmus+ KA1 project

This year the Bulgarian National Agency celebrates the 20th anniversary since its establishment. On this occasion, it organized a big conference event during which many people were invited and took part in it.

We are pleased to inform you that our KA1 project – 2018-1-BG01-KA104-047418 “Entrepreneurship Pathways“ –, in partnership with Expert Pool (project’s applicant) was the only one awarded during the conference.

It was the only project of an NGO, that was awarded a prize in the KA1 vocational training sector with a certificate of excellence at the presence of the Minister of Education, and the newly appointed European Commissioner, Mrs. Mariya Gabriel.

We are very satisfied for this recognition and in general for our job inside the project (we provided some training courses about specific topics in the frame of video shooting and editing and tourism management).

We thank once again our Bulgarian partner with who we are used to work and do enjoy cooperating in the frame of European projects.

„Entrepreneurship Pathways“

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