Entrepreneurship And Innovation For Youth 4

General description of the project “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth” 2014-1-BG01-KA205-001633

The project is going to ease the starting of a small business of young people from Bulgaria and Italy and will help strengthening new business initiatives from partner organizations in the two countries.

The main activities of the project are:

  • Making an analysis of market opportunities, regulatory requirements and procedures for business development in both countries;
  • Designing and implementing 3 partnership meetings for 4 representatives of the participating organizations;
  • Organizing a combined short-term physical mobility with virtual mobility for young people (10 days online course in basic skills and competencies in the field of entrepreneurship and 5 days practical training in Bulgaria) for 15 participants;
  • Designing two exhibitions (speed networking events) for 30 young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and Italy;
  • Compilation and publication a handbook with practical guidance in entrepreneurship;
  • Dissemination of results of two conferences with 50 participants.

 Specific goals of the project

  • Improving the basic skills abilities in the field of entrepreneurship;
  • Sharing experience and good practices, and creating of new business contacts;
  • Stimulating the creativity and initiatives of the young people for starting an enterprise.
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