“Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth” Barcellona P.G.

From the 7th to the 9th of  November 2015 the “A Rocca” Association hosted in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Italy),  five entrepreneurs selected from the Organization for Scientific and Practical Development of the Students (ONPRS) – from Bulgaria in order to implement the 3rdprogress Meeting and a Speed Networking Event in the frame of the Key Action 2 Erasmus+ Program project “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth”.

The project aims to stimulate the entrepreneurship spirit for a higher employment and to start of business initiatives. There are three specific goals:

  • Improving the basic skills abilities in the field of entrepreneurship;
  • Sharing experience and good practices, and creating of new business contacts;
  • Stimulating the creativity and initiatives of the young people for starting an enterprise.

The project is going to ease the starting of international business managed by  young people coming from Bulgaria and Italy and will help strengthening new business initiatives from partner organisations in the two countries.

During the Speed Networking Event, five representatives from Bulgaria and ten from Italy met in order to exchange ideas about entrepreneurship opportunities in the two countries. During the Meeting, which aimed the exposure of attendees to new markets, they presented briefly their backgrounds and business goals, as well as they exchanged information and ideas on how to expand their entrepreneurship opportunities in Italy and Bulgaria.

In addition, particular emphasis was given to identify the coordination of the Mobility of five Italian entrepreneurs who will attend a five-day training course in Bulgaria on developing an innovative entrepreneurship idea and initiating new businesses in Bulgaria. The name of the trainings is “Doing business with Bulgaria” from the 10th to the 17th of November.

Furthermore, a significant dissemination activity took place soon, with the main aim of spreading the results of a 18 months of cooperation. The activities took place in Barcellona pozzo di Gotto and in Sofia involving over 100 attendees.

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